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Iolei Amor di vino
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Iolei Winery Cannonau Nepente

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Welcome to
Cantina Iolei
Oliena –  Sardegna

Welcome to the wine heart of Oliena, where the Iolei Winery embraces the age-old tradition of winemaking with a touch of modernity and creativity. Our wines offer a sensory journey through the unique landscape of this land, an engaging narrative that unfolds amidst lush hills and sun-kissed vineyards.

Iolei’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the valorization of the territory. Each sip of our wines is an authentic experience, a tribute to the richness of the soil and the diversity of local grape varieties. Proudly, we preserve the essence of the grapes through careful vinification, where 80% of our production finds refuge in stainless steel. This choice reflects our commitment to preserving the unique characteristics of each grape variety, allowing them to express themselves with purity and sincerity.

We are devoted to the simplicity and beauty of nature, and this is reflected in our winemaking philosophy. Our minimal intervention approach to technology allows the grapes to tell their story in every sip, capturing the essence of the varietal with authenticity.

But the Iolei Winery does not stop there. In addition to our dedication to wine quality, we place great importance on the aesthetics of our bottles. Each label is a work of art in itself, created by talented artists who collaborate with us to transform every bottle into a visual masterpiece. The aesthetics of our labels pay homage to beauty and individuality, just like the wines they encase.

A Family

We are wine producers for three generations. A long family tradition made of territory, vineyards, grapes, and wine.

Sardinian Wines - Cantina Iolei
About us Iolei
About us
Tastings in Oliena Sardinia

They Say About Us

Gianluca Rossetti / Intravino

“Vostè, a light ruby with beautiful brightness, a nose that’s a concentrate of the Mediterranean, from thyme to myrtle berries to gentian; then it can take you elsewhere, with hints of toasted hazelnut and smoked black tea. A wine that moves briskly during the sip, straight and lively to be quickly enjoyed, between sour cherry and pomegranate, but then expands afterwards, with a hint of curry and two of balsamic. 14% alcohol that doesn’t weigh heavily, tamed as it is by the harshness. Truly good and suitable for all seasons.”

Giorgio Demuru / Rivista AIS – Cannonau: Il gigante di Sardegna

“A Cannonau that in its name, Iolei, evokes an ancient Nuragic civilization, also known as Illiense. The lively and dense ruby ​​color immediately reveals the youth of the wine. A perfectly ripe red fruit marks the olfactory impact. The vibrant acidity encourages drinking, appetizing and inviting, but there is also much more, for a tasting phase already of the highest level, which will soon find a defined profile. Vinification in stainless steel.”

Ivan Deriu / Sommelier AIS

“Vostè, fruity, dry, warm, and soft, with a complex tannin and good freshness that cleanses the palate, preparing it for the next sip.
There’s a lot to tell about this Nepente 2.0, like its label, which leaves a modern and innovative impression.”

Degustazioni nepente cannonau oliena

“You’re on vacation
in Sardinia?

Degustazioni Oliena Iolei

Come and visit us and take part in one of our tastings.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary depending on the number of bottles ordered and the destination. It will be calculated in the shopping cart or at checkout when filling out the shipping form. For large quantities, we invite you to contact us.

Can I order a mixed case?

Yes, it is possible to order a case containing multiple references.

Are Magnum bottles always available?

Unfortunately, no. Magnum bottles are produced in very limited quantities depending on the vintage. They rarely exceed 100 pieces per year.

Is it possible to book a tasting at your winery?

Certainly! We would be delighted to welcome you to our facility! You can send us an email or fill out the request form. For types of tastings and information, please visit the relevant section.

Iolei winery

Piva 01528670910


Via Nuoro 57

08025 Oliena | Nuoro

Sardegna | Italy

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Monday - Sunday
9 am - 1 pm
5 pm - 7 pm

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